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Manual welding welding voltage how to sample?[2017-11-08]
1, direct sampling, the use of resistance voltage divider arc voltage to the control board.2, the use of linear optocoupler isolation sampling, the welding voltage divider by a linear optical isolatio
ZX7 welding fast rectifier What are the characteristics?[2017-11-08]
ZX7 welder has three characteristics: static characteristics, opening characteristics, off characteristics, three characteristics.First, the static characteristicsFunction principle: reverse voltage i
Join Blu-ray welding machine rebate?[2017-11-08]
Rebate is a more traditional sales model, which is mainly in the wholesale and retail industry which is a way to obtain profits, is to promote sales, which is rare in our chain stores this way, we giv
What kind of conditions need to join the Blu-ray welding machine?[2017-11-08]
Independent legal personality, an independent risk-bearing investment and civil liabilityWitkey welder corporate culture and follow the Wei Wang Welder market operation mode and rulesHave more than th
Inverter welding inverter topology is what?[2017-11-08]
我们先来说一下逆变焊机的电路结构,让大家有个更为清醒的认识:逆变焊机是采用整流-逆变-再整流的过程,就是交流-直流-交流三个方面,逆变焊机的发展是随着功率开关器件,铁心材料,电路拓扑形式,和技术的发展,随着功率的开关器件的发展而发展的,目前有静压管逆变焊机,大功率晶体管逆变焊机,场效应晶体管逆变焊机等组成。  逆变焊机需要比较复杂的控制电路,在控制性上非常灵活,二极管整流式焊机电路非常简
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