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Electric welding machine uses the advantages of electric energy, instantaneous conversion of electrical energy into heat[2017-11-08]
Advantages Electric welding machine using electric energy, the instantaneous conversion of electrical energy into heat, electricity is very common, welding machine is suitable for working in a dry env
Gas welding machine welding power in several ways?[2017-11-08]
Gas welding machine welding power in several ways? Blu-ray is a large manufacturer of welding machine, the main production of portable welding machine, today for everyone to summarize the welding powe
Manual welding welding voltage how to sample?[2017-11-08]
1, direct sampling, the use of resistance voltage divider arc voltage to the control board.2, the use of linear optocoupler isolation sampling, the welding voltage divider by a linear optical isolatio
ZX7 welding fast rectifier What are the characteristics?[2017-11-08]
ZX7 welder has three characteristics: static characteristics, opening characteristics, off characteristics, three characteristics.First, the static characteristicsFunction principle: reverse voltage i
WS welding electrode arc welding equipment composition and characteristics[2017-11-08]
Blu-ray main welding machine, gas welding machine, pulse welding machine, inverter welding machine, IGBT welding machine, hand arc welding machine, ZX7 welding machine, NBC welding machine, LGK welding machine, MZ welding machine, WS welding machine , HD welding machine, AC welding machine, is a professional welding machine manufacturers, we come to summarize the composition and characteristics of WS welding machine arc welding equipment. The main purpose of the welding machine is to maintain the stable combustion of the arc. The characteristics of the welding machine should meet the requirements of the welding process, ensure easy arc starting, stable arc, stable welding parameters, and sufficient width
Industrial heating and welding[2017-11-08]
Rely on top performance, efficiency and reliabilityIn the highly competitive industrial heating and welding market, you need products with state-of-the-art technology to succeed. Today's markets a
Inverter welding machine work process[2017-11-08]
The three-phase or single-phase AC power frequency rectifier, after filtering to get a smoother DC, the IGBT inverter circuit composed of the DC into tens of KHZ AC, the main transformer step-down, an
Join Blu-ray welding machine rebate?[2017-11-08]
Rebate is a more traditional sales model, which is mainly in the wholesale and retail industry which is a way to obtain profits, is to promote sales, which is rare in our chain stores this way, we giv
What kind of conditions need to join the Blu-ray welding machine?[2017-11-08]
Independent legal personality, an independent risk-bearing investment and civil liabilityWitkey welder corporate culture and follow the Wei Wang Welder market operation mode and rulesHave more than th
The main components of welding machine[2017-11-08]
The main part of the welding machine is a step-down transformer, the secondary coil is welded at both ends of the workpiece and the electrode, the work of ignition arc, welding the electrode in the hi
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