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Industrial heating and welding

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Rely on top performance, efficiency and reliability

In the highly competitive industrial heating and welding market, you need products with state-of-the-art technology to succeed. Today's markets are increasingly favoring lighter, more portable, and more affordable industrial heating and welding equipment. In the meantime, customers are looking for efficient soldering mechanical systems that deliver high performance and allow them to offer extended warranty periods. The fact is that designs that meet the above requirements require highly-proficient partners and high-quality solutions. This is where Infineon comes in.

Seeking solutions to global leaders in industrial heating and welding

No matter what type of industrial heating or soldering design challenge you face, Blu-ray can help you with its comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge IGBT discrete devices. Find the right part in our wide range of high quality solutions from cost-effective portable welders to efficient professional welders. Want to reduce the weight and size of the welding design? Please take advantage of our higher switching frequency IGBT module.

We also provide system solutions that include gate drivers, current sensors, and controllers to help you optimize your industrial heating equipment or industrial welding equipment design. Select Infineon for enhanced reliability due to better thermal performance and higher power density. Due to the reliability of the welding system is largely dependent on the electronic components, Blu-ray's highly durable, mature product line is always the best choice.

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