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ZX7 welding fast rectifier What are the characteristics?

文章出处:admin 人气: 发表时间:2017-11-08 18:02:10

ZX7 welder has three characteristics: static characteristics, opening characteristics, off characteristics, three characteristics.

First, the static characteristics

Function principle: reverse voltage is applied to the diode, the leakage current reaches the critical current value, the corresponding voltage value UR is defined as the reverse blocking voltage, which is the diode withstand voltage value, the forward voltage drop to the UF, that given Under current conditions, the diode voltage drop in the on state.

Second, the rapid opening of the rectifier characteristics

In the diode into the conduction process, the voltage first rose to a peak positive Aunt, and then dropped to the positive on-state voltage drop.

Third, breaking characteristics

When the diode is brought into the off-state by conduction, its internally stored telephone is released, producing a diode reverse recovery current, which can be described by the reverse recovery characteristics. In the current decay to leakage current value, the trajectory is completely determined by the diode, according to the rate of change of reverse recovery current can be divided into hard recovery characteristics and soft recovery characteristics.

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