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Inverter welding transformer structural characteristics of the reactor is what?

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Blu-ray welding machine manufacturers to tell you about inverter welding transformer structural characteristics.

    Inverter welding machine with a ring of amorphous iron core transformer, the transformer is installed, in which the windings in the windward windward and leeward, the two parts of a great difference in temperature.

    Inverter welding transformer core material selection ferrite, the general structure of choice cd type, e type. CD-type primary winding is divided into two groups around the two core columns, the secondary winding around the two core columns, E-core primary and secondary winding around the same column, coaxial transformer primary and secondary directional coupling, the energy Transmission efficiency.

    Inverter welding machine output rectifier rectifier rectifier welding machine with a different role in the general rectifier welding machine to adjust the welding reactor dynamic characteristics of the inverter welding inverter output reactors are generally output filter with the inverse Variable frequency 20-40KHZ, reactor core material generally have two kinds, one is silicon steel, one is iron core, a small amount of ferrite and dimension crystal material.

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