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WS welding electrode arc welding equipment composition and characteristics

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Blu-ray main welding machine, gas welding machine, pulse welding machine, inverter welding machine, IGBT welding machine, hand arc welding machine, ZX7 welding machine, NBC welding machine, LGK welding machine, MZ welding machine, WS welding machine , HD welding machine, AC welding machine, is a professional welding machine manufacturers, we come to summarize the composition and characteristics of WS welding machine arc welding equipment.

    The main purpose of the welding machine is to maintain the stable combustion of the arc. The characteristics of the welding machine should meet the requirements of the welding process. It is easy to start the arc welding, stable the arc and stable the welding parameters, and satisfy the welding parameter adjustment range which is wide enough.

    WS welding electrode arc welding equipment components: arc power, welding clamp, ground three aspects.

    Welding electrodes arc welding power supply are generally classified according to the size of the output current, commonly used welding current 160A, 200A, 250A, 315A, 400A, 500A, 630A, where the welding point load sustained rate requirements, the general situation is 60%, portable 15-35%, if it is 60% of the load sustained rate, then the provisions of the working cycle is 10min, the load time is 6min, no-load time is 4min.

    WS welding machine welding equipment is characterized by the requirements of the work area arc welding arc welding static characteristics curve is flat, the welding voltage output characteristic curve is required to drop characteristics.

    Under normal circumstances, to ensure stable combustion of the arc under the premise of the static characteristics of the power supply curve is a wide range of characteristics, oblique, constant power and other characteristics.

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