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With the rapid development of welding technology

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With the rapid development of welding technology, welding equipment in some industries is also the application of excellence. In the industrialized countries in the world, we have successfully utilized modern information technology, fully automatic welding equipment with network control function and intelligence, and optimized the welding procedure and welding parameters through the expert system to ensure the consistency of welding quality in mass production. These modern, fully automatic welding equipment have become the main choice for high-end manufacturing (aerospace engineering, power generation equipment, power equipment and automotive). We are still basically in the general welding equipment manufacturing, I believe in the near future we will be into this area. Now we are just entering the power, nuclear power, automobile, shipbuilding, container and other industries. Based on what we have seen in these two business trips, I will make my own personal comments. In the electric power construction industry, the manual argon arc is still used mostly at present, because the electric construction industry generally has more work at high altitude, and the material types of the welding are also more messy, mainly the pipe installation and the welding quality are also required more stringent. If the gas welding field high altitude wind too much. Easy to weld defects, in addition to different sizes, gas welding all-position welding more difficult, so manual TIG becomes the first choice. In order to avoid the upper and lower back and forth to adjust the current up and down, the requirements of the equipment may have the following points: (1) the welding current is stable, because often the field construction. So the reliability of the power is better. (2) wireless remote control current, remote control has a best polarity switch. (3) The remote control panel is the best digital display, it seems more intuitive

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