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The classification of welder does not have an authoritative classification method

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The classification of welder is not an authoritative classification method, the following classification is mainly based on the industry to use a simple classification: 1) The main welder used in industrial and mining enterprises are: AC arc welding machine, DC welding machine, argon arc Welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welding machine, welding machine, spot welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, high frequency welding every machine, flash welder, pressure welding machine, welding machine welder AC welder and DC welder 2) There are two kinds of DC welding machine: one is based on the exchange of motor installed rectifier parts, there is a DC generator. DC welding machine mainly welding non-ferrous metals, pig iron-based. AC welding machine main welding steel. (3) TIG welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welder, high frequency welder, flash welder. TIG welding machine, carbon dioxide welding machine can be welded mainly 2MM sheet and nonferrous gold layer. Flash butt welding machine mainly docked copper and aluminum joints and other objects, high frequency welder main pipe factory pipe. (4) Submerged arc welding of the main welded steel structure, the bridge H steel, I-beam thick steel construction materials. (5) Gas shielded welding: TIG welding, carbon dioxide welding, under the protection of gas will not be oxidized welding, Soldering solid, weldable non-ferrous metals, welding thin materials. (6) laser welder: Solderable leads inside the transistor. (7) on the welder: cable factory main anchor on the iron and other objects. Butt yuan steel. (8) Multifunction Welding Machine (9) Spot Welding Machine (10) Butt Welder (11) Bolt Welder (12) Carbon Dioxide Ammonia Gas Welder

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