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General DC inverter welding machine panel

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General DC inverter welding machine panels are equipped with output DC current adjustment knob. Inverter DC welding machine first single-phase AC 220V voltage or three-phase 380V voltage bridge rectifier, filtering, and then supply power switching devices for inverter processing. A small part of the inverter welding machine first use 555 time-base circuit and other pulse generating circuit to generate rectangular pulse wave, and then use the transistor current amplification, followed by a pair of complementary FET voltage amplification, resulting in high-frequency signals, and finally the use of step-up The transformer is boosted, inducing AC on the secondary winding. The size of its power depends on the amplification of the amplifier. Inverter welding machine is more used by the IGBT tube composed of single-ended forward inverter circuit, the control system uses pulse-width modulation chip SG3525, the inverter frequency is 20kHz, and can control the constant current external characteristics. When the system is in no-load, the PWM modulator intermittently outputs a pulse due to the voltage feedback control. Because the frequency of the intermittent oscillation is low and the pulse width is narrow, not only the load loss is small, but also the transformer is not easily saturated. Because of this type of welding machine to pulse width modulation PWM as the core control technology, which can get better constant current characteristics and excellent welding process results.

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