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Cold welding repair machine Scope of application: Cold welding repair machine is casting pinhole

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    Introduction 1, cold welding repair machine Scope of application: cold welding repair machine is casting pinhole, trachoma, pores, cracks, bumps, scratches, pits and mechanical parts surface wear, mold wear and other small defects of professional precision welding equipment. Widely used in mold industry, foundry industry, electrical manufacturing, medical equipment, automobiles, shipbuilding, boilers, construction, construction and other industries in the bridge. 2, cold welding repair machine Applicable materials: Cold welding repair machine using ordinary welding wire as a supplementary material are: ash, ductile iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, die steel, aluminum, aluminum, copper and so on as long as the conductive metal Can be repaired. Features (1) Low temperature welding at room temperature, the substrate is not hot, does not produce thermal deformation, welding point near the microstructure unchanged, no stress, no cracks, no hardening point hardening, does not affect the machining performance. (2) simple operation, a multi-purpose machine. In addition to the surfacing repair functions, carbide coatings such as tungsten carbide can also be hardened. (3) argon gas protection, good adhesion, high welding strength, metallurgical bonding, supplementary materials and matrix melting at the same time after re-solidification, combined with solid, dense, do not fall off. After welding can be car, milling, planing, grinding and other mechanical processing. (4) wide source of wire, economical and practical, the whole machine about 30KG, online repair. (5) Rotary self-damaged electrode deposited surfacing, easy to operate, high work efficiency. (6) Environmental pollution. No harmful gas, can be directly held, the eye, the welding position is accurate, the welding point is small, a small amount of welding after dressing. (7) The welding process is repeated melting and accumulation of high-frequency welding repair point, regardless of the size of the defect, as long as the pen tip can touch the place can be repaired. (8) Pure metal repair, no trace of welding, welding effect to meet the quality inspection standards.

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