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Welding machine aids

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Assistive devices editing Welder assistive devices include gas welding glasses that protect the operator from UV, IR, or other rays of welding energy from welding or other welding sources, welders protecting the welder from welding eyes, face and neck, white workwear, welders Gloves and foot care. Energy-saving energy-saving welding machine is reflected in the energy-saving and load-saving energy-saving two aspects. No-load welding machine can be the main circuit, fan and so on all into the stop state, no-load power consumption is only a few watts; welding efficiency when the load than the thyristor rectifier welding machine to be higher. According to the statistics of related parameters, the demand of DC welding machine in China's welding industry in 2008 was 890,000 units. If all the welding machines were used, it could directly save 43,000 tons of copper and 64,000 tons of steel and save electricity of 680 million KW.H indirectly Saving 566,500 tons of coal, 10,340,000 tons of water and reducing 1,144,500 tons of CO2 emissions. Thus, vigorously promote the welding machine has a huge economic and social benefits. Stable performance Welding machine working frequency of 20KHZ above, with faster response speed, the droplet transfer can be subdivided into multiple stages of control. For CO2 gas shielded welding, the spatter can be greatly reduced, and the stability of the jet transition can be controlled effectively for the pulse melting pole MIG / MAG welding. The molten drop transition and the movement of the wire feeding mechanism can also be combined to further control the melting Drop the transition process, get a good weld forming, welding performance and stability. These are the traditional rectifier welding can not do. Centralized control of a large number of welding machine using a microcontroller, DSP, FPGA and other digital controllers, Ethernet, fieldbus to achieve more than one machine or welding machine and the host computer between the network communication. Not only solve the problem of multiple welders work together to facilitate the centralized control of the welding process, but also to achieve remote welding machine parameters set or monitor, so that the remote fault diagnosis and maintenance of welding machine possible.

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