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  • Customer Testimony 2

    Customer Testimony 2

    And blue light welding machine cooperation for nearly 5 years, blue light welding machine stable quality assurance, reliable delivery with caring and guaranteed after-sales service have impressed me, the products manufactured by DaChang, is impressively! At the same time, blue light welding Some of the machine's individual design such as welding machine wide load voltage setting function makes the machine stable welding when the external voltage is not stable, which is very suitable for the market needs of some of our remote areas. Blu-ray welding machine also know how to co-exist with customers and win-win business logic, which allows us to recognize and therefore determined to continue the future cooperation.

  • Customer Testimony 1

    Customer Testimony 1

            Choose and Blu-ray welding machine, we mainly value that they are operating for many years in Guangzhou manufacturers, the strength of the production of product quality, delivery and after-sales are guaranteed, give us a long-term and stable supply, the process of cooperation, the Blu-ray from The pragmatic and trustworthy work style of the boss to the staff also make people trust! In terms of products, the welding voltage of Blu-ray welding machine can be continuously adjustable. Continuous long-term welding operation is stable even in the harsh ice and snow in the north.

  • Customer Testimony 4

    Customer Testimony 4

    Looking for suitable home improvement, outdoor decoration, high-altitude decoration welding machine, cutting machine long-term cooperation units, after many selection and comparison, we found that the overall size of the blue light welding machine is small, light weight, easy to operate, welding quality is also very stable and reliable At the same time, the blue light welder's noise pollution is also very small. It is suitable for working at height, field and interior decoration. It matches perfectly with our requirements and we have reached a long-term business relationship with Blu-ray welding machine. Here, to thank Blu-ray welding machine for our long-term to provide high quality and stable products and services, to solve our worries!

  • Customer Testimony 3

    Customer Testimony 3

    Our company is a manufacturer of auto parts. It has been more than 3 years since we cooperated with Blu-ray welding machines. Our welding technology, forming aesthetics and quality stability in this field are all very high. The performance of Blu-ray welding machine can be fully satisfied Our needs in this area, especially the LGK cutters they produce, are straightforward to cut untreated metal with rust and paint, smooth and smooth cuts, high cutting accuracy and virtually no tension due to cutting Any deformation, the use of more time-saving effort; the same time, automatic over-current blue welding machine set protection function also allows our operators to use safer and more confidence. Blu-ray welding machine, is worth the choice of partners!




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  Welcome to our website. May our friendship and cooperation begin with you. We hope this website will help you understand our technology, products and services, so as to provide the ideal support for your business development. < br > & emsp; & emsp; Guangzhou blue light electric welding machine co., LTD. Is located in the center of the beautiful and rich pearl river delta, was founded in 1996, is a leading to a high-tech products, in order to market demand as the guide, set research and development, production, sales and service as one of professional welding equipment manufacturing enterprises, is the earliest south of China specializing in welding equipment, welding material of one of the chain...


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